Tancred Torrson was a mess.

He couldn't stop thinkng about it. Every time he saw Emma and Gabriel holding hands in the hallway he would literaly blow up. If he saw them a few weeks ago, he would be perfecly fine with it. but last week in art, Emma looked at him and smiled. after that hecouldn't stop staring. all day, every day,he stared and stared. He was even starting to fail art because of it. But Emma already got asked out to the Red Knight ball by Gabriel Silk. When he first heard about it he was like, whatever, but now he couldn't get her out of his mind. "You two years older than her,' he thought 'mayb you shold go out with Tracy.'

So he asked her out.

and she said yes.

Meanwhile Emma Tolly was pacing around her room, with livi sitting on her bed.

"You excited for the Red Knight ball?" Livi asked "At least you have a date." " oh come on, Livi," Emma replied " Charlie will ask you. I know it."

"You really think so?"

"ya, but yo better hurry up because Zelda has been eyeballing hin for quite some time."


"Shes back. Nobody knows how, but she's back."

"Oh" Livi sai as she was walking towards Emma's bedroom door.

" where are you going" Emma asked.

" My mom wants me home." she left.

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