Altering Bugs is a set of bewitched bugs used to make objects smooth. It appears in the sixth book, where it is in a jar at a table where Dorcas Loom was working at, where several other jars, potions, scissors, cloth and bunches of herbs were. It was suspected that Venetia Yewbeam gave it to Dorcas when Dorcas searched for a solution to heal Manfred Bloor's scars made by The Flames. Altering Bugs are orange-coloured, and cloud together. Manfred Bloor used them to heal his face. When Charlie Bone snatches the jar, he tries to tease Dorcas of having the jar and attempts to cling onto it, while Dorcas tries to retrieve it from him, pulling the lid of the jar when the Altering Bugs fall out, scaring Billy Raven, who asks Dorcas what they are and she screams at them to get out of the room.