Amoret is the youngest child of the Red King. Her birth caused Queen Bernice's death, and then the ten children began to fight. She left the Red King's castle with her brother, Amadis, but they were separated on their journey. Then she married the giant, Otus Yewbeam, who built her a house of stone. Amoret and Otus lived there for a long time, and Amoret went to see her brother Amadis. Amoret built the Castle of Mirrors with Amadis and then Borlath, the oldest of the children, came and Amoret and Borlath fought. Amoret is the ancestor of the Yewbeams. She was a picture traveler. Her item of magic, The Mirror of Amoret, made by her father, was envied by Count Harken Badlock. Some of her descendents include Paton Yewbeam, Daphne Yewbeam, Charlie Bone, and other Yewbeams.


Physical appearance