Asa Pike




Mr and Mrs Pike (parents)

Hair colour


Eye colour


Endowment (if a child of the Red King)

shape-shifter-- can turn into a werebeast at dusk.



Ancestor (if a child of the Red King)


Department (current or past)




Asa Pike (b.1985) is a were-beast. In the first five books, Asa works for Manfred. His parents are creatures known as Meromalls, and like his ancestor Carfal, he is a changer, meaning that his moral inclinations can be shifted one way or the other. This term could also be interpreted as referring to his endowment, since Asa is endowed with a "were-beast" quality. After dusk, he gains the ability to transform into a wolf-like being. In this state, he nearly killed Charlie in "Midnight for Charlie Bone" and Olivia in "The Invisible Boy", as well as seriously wounding Runner Bean, Benjamin's dog in "Midnight for Charlie Bone". However, in the fifth book, "The Hidden King", Asa began to show signs of redemption and a willing to become good, when he saved Emma Tolly and aided Charlie in freeing the Red King, as a result of the presence of Count Harken Badlock. As punishment for his disobedience, he is kidnapped by Weedon under the orders of the Bloors in the 6th book, and held in a dark tunnel, which effectively traps him in wolf form due to the absence of light. The Bloors deprive Asa of food and other basic necessitities so as to beat him into submission, but without success. Asa's father is killed while attempting to console his son, but Asa himself is rescued by Charlie and Billy, and escapes the city with his mother.


Asa is desribed having yellow wolf like eyes, and bright red hair.

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