Ashkelan Kapaldi


17th century



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Ashkelan Kapaldi is a 17th century swordsman that Titania Tilpin let out in the 8th book, using the Mirror of Amoret.


Titania Tilpin used the Mirror of Amoret to let him out of his portrait in the portrait hall in Bloors Academy. Titania also said Joshua used magnetism to help draw Ashkelan out. Ashkelan was determined to find out who the endowed child was, referring to Tancred, who wasn't at Bloors'. He also has a hatred for the Red Knight, who defeated him in the beginning of the book. He is later killed by the Red Knight, which sends him back to his portrait.

Ashkelan uses an enchanted sword, which killed him twice, once in the 17th century, and once more in the 8th book, in his second battle with the Red Knight. The sword does Ashkelan's every command. But it cannot connect to him once he is a good distance away from it. Ashkelan's sword once followed Charlie, but eventually lost him, because Ashkelan was too far from it.

Physical appearance

Ashkelan Kapaldi is described having shoulder length black curls, large dark eyes, arched eyebrows, a small pointed beard, and a moustache that curled up to his cheeks. He is described pale, and having a mocking smile. 



Ashkelan was a gifted swordsman. He is said to know an endowed child when he sees them, like Paton Yewbeam.