Bindi Loom is an endowed girl, but her endowment is never stated; it is rumoured that it might be similar to Dorcas Loom's talent. She is apparently one of the good children, as she helps Henry Yewbeam in the Time Twister. She leaves Bloor's Academy at the end of the second book. She was friends with Olivia Vertigo. In the third book, Charlie Bone and The Blue Boa, she and Beth Strong were said to have both left the school by Manfred Bloor. Bindi is related to Dorcas. She mentions in the second book that her grandparents live in India when she, Henry, and Olivia are telling stories in the castle ruin.


In Midnight for Charlie Bone she was described as a tiny girl. In Charlie Bone and the Time Twister, she was described as very small and dark, with a long black pigtail and gold-rimmed glasses.