• Chericola

    This was an interesting book to read. I really loved reading about Henry and his life in the 21st century, and also more about Treasure and Pearl. Overall, this book was an enjoyable read, but left more questions than answers, so I hope that Nimmo plans to write a sequel to this book soon. 

    Reading that James died a year ago made me so sad. I really liked him, more than I expected to (since he only appears briefly in Time Twister). I suspected that he'd died when I saw this book open with no mention of him, but I was saddened to see it confirmed later in the story, when Henry recounted how he found and adopted Enkidu. I guess the silver lining is that Henry and James at least got to spend a year together before James' death. I really hope th…

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  • Chericola

    So, I've been thinking quite a bit about Charlie Bone lately, mostly due to my current fanfiction-in-progress. And I started to wonder about some of the events that happen in the series, like why they happen and how. Here are some of my thoughts on these things.

    I know that the books say that the Bloors hypnotised Lyell on purpose to punish him for attempting to stop Emma Tolly's abduction and to find out the whereabouts of Maybelle's will, but I don't think that's all there is to it. For one thing, why would the Bloors make Lyell forget everything when they need him to tell them about the box and where it is hidden? It doesn't make sense, if they did it on purpose, that is.

    So, what if it were just an accident? Maybe Manfred didn't mean to …

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  • Jacksonsmyrl

    Just Joined

    March 20, 2014 by Jacksonsmyrl

    As a fan of the Charlie Bone series, I'm looking to spruce up the wiki a little bit.

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  • Peacesign

    Spam alert

    November 17, 2010 by Peacesign

    I've seen spam, admins please remove this, I think you should also block unredistered users; due to span, I don't want any trouble.

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