Bloor's Academy is an academy for gifted children. There is a drama, art, and music department. Drama children wear purple capes, art children wear green capes, and music children wear blue capes. Each department has its own coatroom, assembly room, and cafeteria. Bloor's Academy also takes in Children of the Red King, who do homework for two hours (6-8 pm) in the King's Room. The children come on Monday mornings and don't leave until Friday afternoons. If you get detention, you don't get to go home until the next afternoon. There is a west wing, in which the Bloor family live in, and an east wing where the classrooms are. The west wing is out-of-bounds for students. It is decorated fancily with rich carpeting, a chapel and a grand staircase leading up to the attics and the Music Tower. There is a door to the west wing, at the end of the blue, green and purple cloakrooms, which leads to a hallway to the arched doors of the ballroom. The boy's dormitories are located on the floor in which the art room is, and the girl's floor on the floor above. In the art room, there is a door where dressmaking is held at the end of the semester of the play, also where first years have their lessons. The sculpture room is accessible through a trapdoor in the art room. In the theatre, also where the plays are performed, and drama lessons are placed, a trapdoor on stage leads to the drama costume room. Throughout the main entrance of the academy, the Great Hall leads to a dark corridor named "the hall of portraits" where portraits of descendants of the Red King hang. This corridor leads to the dining hall, and the blue, green and purple kitchens. The dining hall is where the students eat their meals. In the green kitchen, the back door leading to the garden, eventually to the ruined castle, is used for bringing in food. The ruins are accessible from the field and the garden door. There are five arches in the ruin, each leading to a tunnel where the Red King's own room is, and will lead to the Pet's Cafe. The head of drama is Mrs. Marlowe, the head of music Dr. Saltweather, and the head of art is Mr. Mason. Every year at the end of the semester, there is a ruin game in which children in each department go into the ruin where he or she searches for a medal. There are three nights for the game. Each child has a lantern to help them see in the dark. If they find the medal, they receive a whole year free of detentions and get gifts like masks, instruments and paint sets. After the ruin game, they have a party in the dining hall.

Talking is forbidden in the Great Hall. The rules are:

Silence in the hall,

Talking not at all,

Even if you fall,

Never cry or call,

Be you small or tall.

If you become a prefect, you are allowed to give out punishments, such as detentions. If you pass all your grades, you become the head boy or the head girl but all this changes when Charlie Bone and Lyell Bone find the documents. It tells them that Lyell Bone owns the academy, which later becomes the Bone Academy after Ezekiel Bloor is sent away. Dr. Saltweather becomes the head of the academy.

Other academies

Other academies for endowed people are known to exist. These include: Loth AcademyOranga Academy, and 97 others. There are 100 total which is why, every 10 years a special dinner called The Hundred Head's Dinner takes place a Bloor's Academy (because it's the grounds of the Red King's original castle). The Hundred Heads symbolize the 100 headmasters of the hundred Academies for the endowed and gifted.

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