Bogden Branko is the father of Idith Branko and Inez Branko and the husband of Natalia Dobinski. Bogden runs a shop called Fine and Fancy with his wife, and has a terrible memory, constantly forgetting things. He wonders if that was the reason Natalia married him of all others. When a customer asks Bogden for an out-of-ordinary item in their shop, Bogden delves under the counter he sits behind while Natailia stares at it from wherever she is, making the item appear. Bogden has sandy coloured hair and a wrinkled caved-in forehead. Bogden is not descended from the Red King, and doesn't find it a reason to laugh when the Branko's benefactor suggests the Brankos change their shop name to "Not the Pet's Cafe", although Natalia and the benefactor find it absolutely hilarious.

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