Borlath is the eldest son of the Red King. He is a pyrokinetic, with the ability to make and control fire. He was also a hypnotist, as discovered in Leopards' Gold, when he brought Olga into a trance to stop her hysterical telekinetic rampage after Lilith's abrupt departure from the castle. When Borlath saw the Castle of Mirrors that Amadis and Amoret had built, he was furious. He attempted to attack the castle several times once he laid siege to it but Amadis used his ability to talk to animals to get the creatures to protect the castle. Eventually, after he thought his men and himself could wait no longer for the castle to fall, he used his ability to create fire to burn the castle. Owain was the only one to survive Borlath's attack on the castle. Mathowy is partially responsible for this because he sent a magic snow to extinguish the fire. However, the magic was too late and almost everyone died. The snow killed the fire but turned the walls of the castle into mirrors. Borlath is the ancestor to the Bloor family. Because the Bloors and Yewbeams married, he is also a partial ancestor to the Yewbeams as well.