Timeline of events before and during the series.

circa 1804 Marigold disappears through the Time Twister while playing hide-and-seek with her brother.

Maybelle Bloor is born to Cecilia and Septimus Bloor

1835 or 1838

Beatrice Bloor born to Cecilia and Septimus Bloor


Bertram Babington Bloor is born to Cecilia and Septimus Bloor


Donatella Da Vinci is born


Yorath Yewbeam is born


Maybelle Bloor marries Lucius Raven


Daniel Raven is born to Maybelle and Lucius Raven[1].


Vera Kuragina is born

Roland Raven is born to Maybelle and Lucius Raven[2].


Evangeline Raven is born to Maybelle and Lucius Raven[3].

Septimus Bloor forges a will leaving everything he owns to his daughter Maybelle and her heirs. He dies soon after.


Bertram Bloor marries Donatella Da Vinci


Gideon Bloor born to Bertram and Donatella Bloor


Gundrun Solensson born


Manley Yewbeam born to Yorath and Vera Yewbeam


Grace Bloor is born to Bertram and Donatella Bloor


Lydia Raven is born to Daniel and Jane Raven[4].


Hugh Raven is born to Daniel and Jane Raven[5].


Ita Raven marries Simon Bone[6].


Yolanda Yewbeam is born in Yewbeam Castle to Yorath and Vera Yewbeam [7].

Everard Raven is born to Roland and Ann Raven[8].


Ezekiel Bloor born to Gideon and Gudrun Bloor

Hilda Hansoff born


Henry Yewbeam born to Grace and Manley Yewbeam


Daphne Yewbeam born to Grace and Manley Yewbeam


James Yewbeam born to Grace and Manley Yewbeam


Solange Sourzac born


Daphne Yewbeam dies of diphtheria in the winter of that year (January)Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag..

1925 <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:12pt0cm;line-height:14.95pt;">Susan Raven born to Hugh and Sally Raven[9].


Bartholomew Bloor is born to Ezekiel and Hilda Bloor

Mary Chance is born


Brutus Raven born to Hugh and Sally Raven[10].

1932 Thomas Raven is born to Everard and Harriet Raven[11].
1934 Timothy Raven is born to Everard and Harriet Raven[12].

Maisie Jones is born


Grizelda Yewbeam is born to James and Solange Yewbeam

Monty Bone is born to Clara and Eamon Bone[13].

1940 or 1941 Ankaret's family is killed during a bombing raid; Ankaret accidentally travels forward in time after looking into the Time Twister.

Lucretia Yewbeam is born to James and Solange Yewbeam


Eustacia Yewbeam is born to James and Solange Yewbeam

Treasure is born

1948 Pearl is born

Venetia Yewbeam is born to James and Solange Yewbeam


Harold Bloor is born to Bartholomew and Mary Bloor


February: Paton Yewbeam is born to James and Solange Yewbeam

Dorothy de Vere is born


Grizelda Yewbeam marries Montague Bone


Lyell Bone is born to Grizelda and Monty Bone

Titania/Miss Chrystal is born

1962 or 1963

A week before his death, Monty returns to his hometown of Neverfinding. Monty makes a will leaving all that he owns to his son Lyell. He also writes a letter to be read by Lyell when he turns eighteen.

Monty Bone dies in a plane crash (possibly contrived by the Yewbeams and Bloors)

Bartholomew Bloor disappears while mountain climbing in the Himalayas with friends; Mary dances herself to death. Bartholomew turns against his family and becomes an explorer.


During a stay at Yolanda’s castle, Solange falls and breaks her neck, Yolanda turns James’ four daughters against him, and James and Paton escape in fear for their lives[14].

Hector Bittermouse causes some trouble with the Bloors 

Lord Grimwald drowns Pearl and Treasure's sweethearts and family in revenge because they refused to marry him[15]


Grace Bloor dies at age eighty[16].


Amy Jones is born to Maisie and Mr Jones

Julia Ingledew is born


Rufus Raven is born to Brutus and Maud Raven[17].


Ellen Raven is born[18].


Manfred Bloor is born to Harold and Dorothy Bloor

Asa Pike is born in the land of the Merromals


Zelda Dobinski is born

Beth Strong is born


Mr and Mrs Pike travel with Asa to the Red King’s city to live


Lyell Bone elopes with Amy Jones to Mexico; they marry there.

Tancred Torsson is born

Lysander Sage is born to Judge and Jessamine Sage


Olivia Vertigo is born sometime in September.


Charlie Bone is born to Amy and Lyell Bone in the first week of January

Emma Tolly is born to Nancy and Mostyn Tolly (During fall or winter)

Gabriel Silk is born to Cyrus and Mrs Silk

Naren Bloor is born to Chinese parents

Fidelio Gunn is born to Chloe and Mr Gunn

Dagbert Endless is born to Lord Grimwald and a mermaid

Benjamin Brown is born to Mr and Mrs Brown in late October

Dorcas Loom is born


Charlie turns one in the first week of January.

Bartholomew returns to the city to visit his family, who refuse to acknowledge him. Lyell and Bartholomew become friends, and they go mountain climbing together.

Idith and Inez Branko are born to Bogdan and Natalia Branko.

Joshua Tilpin is born to Matthew and Titania Tilpin.

Sometime between 1992 and 1994

Rufus entrusts Lyell with the box containing Maybelle’s will.

Rufus and Ellen marry.


Charlie turns two in the first week of January.

Nancy Tolly dies from illness just before Emma’s second birthday; a few days later Mostyn decides to give Emma away. (during fall or winter)

Lyell disappears while trying to stop Emma Tolly’s abduction. (during fall or winter) 

1995 Billy Raven is born to Rufus and Ellen Raven on May 4

Rufus and Ellen die in a contrived car accident; Billy is sent to live with an apathetic aunt.

Christopher Crowquill is framed as a robber and sent to prison for seven years.

Naren’s parents die in a flood (quite possibly the flood that occurred in the summer of 1996 in central and southern China that killed 2,775 people in total); Naren is adopted by Bartholomew and Meng Bloor.


Miranda Shellhorn is born to Arthur Shellhorn

Charlie starts school

Charlie and Benjamin become friends


Dorothy Bloor tries to leave Bloor's Academy forever; her violin hand is crushed by Manfred in the attempt and cursed by Ezekiel to never work again. Losing almost all hope, Dorothy becomes 'the Dark Lady'[19].

Lucy comes out of the Time Twister into the Littles' House.


Eric Shellhorn is born to Arthur Shellhorn

Una Onimous is born

Dr Tolly asks for Emma to be returned to him; he is refused[20].


May 4: Billy’s endowment is revealed, and he is sent to live in Bloor’s Academy.

Tancred Torsson starts school at Bloor's Academy. 

Ollie Sparks disappears in the old part of the Academy for three days. Cook throws a feast for him, and soon after he leaves the school. However, he disappears while going to get orange juice at the train station (or so Matron Yewbeam says).


Charlie turns ten in the first week of January.

Emma turns ten between January and October.  

Events of the First Book

Late October 

Mostyn Tolly dies (possibly poisoned by the Bloors) a week before the events of the first book begin.

Friday 25 October: Charlie discovers his endowment (on a Friday) and is tested by the Yewbeam aunts. Sees the photo of Emma and Dr Tolly. 

Saturday 26 October: Benjamin turns ten in late October (on a Saturday). Charlie meets Mr Onimous and the Flames for the first time, who encourage Charlie to return the photo to its owner, Julia Ingledew. Charlie goes to see Miss Ingledew, who gives him the case containing Tolly Twelve Bells and a robotic dog.

Saturday Night: Charlie goes with Paton to the bookshop to ask for keys from Miss Ingledew. 

Sunday 27 October: Charlie goes to Benjamin's house to try the keys on the case. When coming back is caught by Venetia. That same day Charlie meets Fidelio Gunn who comes to tutor him in Music.

Saturday 2 November: In the morning Charlie and Ben go to Ingledew's to ask for more keys to try out on the case, but are ambushed by Manfred and Asa. Manfred hypnotises Charlie. 

Sunday 3 November: Fidelio agrees to help Charlie and Ben hide the case. That night Amy gives Charlie Lyell's old school tie.

Monday 4 November: Amy takes Charlie to Bloor's Academy by taxi. Amy feels someone watching her from the Music Tower. Charlie sees Mr Pilgrim for the first time during assembly. Charlie loses cape and gets detention, finds out that Gabriel Silk has swapped capes with him. On Monday night, Charlie tries to swap back but Gabriel begs him not to, telling Charlie about his gift. Charlie shows Gabriel Lyell's tie. Gabriel puts it on and tells Charlie that Lyell isn't dead, only lost.        

4-8 November: Charlie's first week at Bloor's. Charlie gets detention and stays at school until Saturday. On Friday explores a tower with Olivia and Billy and learns clues about Emma Tolly and Mr Pilgrim.

Saturday 9 November: Charlie meets with Fidelio and Ben at 11:30 am in the Music Tower. Charlie meets Mr Pilgrim properly for the first time. After Charlie comes back from school, Charlie, Fidelio and Ben listen to Dr Tolly's tape. Fidelio moves the case to Gunn House.

Saturday Night: Paton takes Julia out to dinner but it ends in disaster. Charlie tells Paton about Dr Tolly's tape. In Bloor's Academy, Billy Raven meets Mr Ezekiel and agrees to spy on Charlie in exchange for him being adopted.

Sunday 10 November: Ben and Charlie take the tape to Miss Ingledew. Ben and Charlie then go to Gunn House. Charlie, Ben and Fidelio open the case for the first time. That night Benjamin meets Eustacia, his sitter.

Monday 11 November: Olivia agrees to help Charlie get Emilia Moon to Gunn House.

Monday Night: Runner Bean is attacked, Benjamin asks for Paton's help. Paton finally puts his head up.

Friday 15 November: Billy Raven comes home with Charlie.

Saturday 16 November: Olivia goes to Emilia's house and brings Emilia to Gunn House. Emilia is woken up by Tolly Twelve Bells. Billy returns to Bloor's Academy and tells Ezekiel what happened. That night Emilia/Emma is taken to Bloor's Academy and imprisoned. She escapes using her endowment. Paton meets Emma on the way to Ingledew's and takes her there.   

Mid-November: Ruin game. Drama goes in on Monday 18, Art on Tuesday 19, Music on Wednesday 20. The Bloors try to punish Charlie for saving Emma Tolly but are foiled by Tancred, Lysander and Gabriel. Cook throws a midnight feast for Charlie and the entire Music Department. 

Thursday 21 November: Felix Gunn tells Fidelio that Emma and Miss Ingledew have locked themselves in the bookshop and won't let anyone in. That night Paton, in a very dramatic way, forces the Bloors to give him Emma Tolly's papers.    

Mid-December: School term ends. Olivia stars in a school production of Snow White.

December 22: Miss Ingledew hosts a party to welcome Emma home.


Events of Book Two

January: Charlie turns eleven in first week of January, events of book two happen.

Monday January 13: Charlie goes back to Bloor's, meets Henry Yewbeam[21]. Charlie hides Henry in the Music Tower[22].

Tuesday January 14: Charlie returns to the Music Tower to find Henry gone[23]. That night he goes to the kitchens and finds Henry in the freezer. He attempts to help Henry return to his own time but they are unsuccessful and Henry ends up almost getting frozen. Cook finds them just in time and hides Henry in her secret underground home in the Academy[24].

Wednesday 15 January: In the King's Room, Gabriel tries on a black glove and is crippled with pain and unable to take it off. There is a piano concert on in the theater. Charlie falls asleep and dreams of his father playing the piano, but however he can't see his face. At bedtime Charlie and Fidelio try to get the glove off Gabriel, to no avail. Gabriel manages to sleep but has nightmares[25].    

Thursday 16 January: That night they try to take the glove off again but still fail. After midnight Charlie takes Gabriel to see Cook, who brings Mrs Bloor. Mrs Bloor peels the glove off Gabriel's hand, and tells her story to the two boys[26].  

Friday 17 January: When Charlies comes home Grandma Bone interrogates him about Henry; Charlie denies having seen him. Charlie is rescued by Paton, who asks Charlie's help in an experiment that Paton wants to conduct which will allow him to go out in daylight without bursting any lightbulbs[27]

Charlie asks Paton's help in getting to Tancred's, but Paton refuses. Charlie tells Paton about Henry[28].  

Saturday 18 January: Henry sneaks out of Cook's apartment and goes into the ruin. He meets Bindi and Olivia, who hide him from Manfred and Asa and take him back to the kitchen. Charlie, Lysander, Benjamin, Fidelio and Gabriel go to Thunder House to try and convince Tancred to come back to school, but are unable to get close enough without being injured. Mr Torsson tells the boys to leave and wait for Tancred to calm down[29]

Sunday 19 January: Henry is captured by Manfred and Zelda and imprisoned in the castle dungeons. Mr Pilgrim finds the Time Twister in the hall and hides it[30]

Monday 20 January: Olivia comes to school early, sees that the Bloors are searching for the Time Twister. When Charlie and the others arrive, she tells them of her encounter with Henry and the search for the marble. During Gabriel's piano lesson Mr Pilgrim gives him the Time Twister and reveals that Henry has been captured. Gabriel later gives the marble to Mrs Bloor so that she can escape her life in Bloor's Academy. Charlie finds out about Henry's capture and tries to sneak into the ruin that night but is caught by Matron Yewbeam, who confiscates his flashlight. When Charlie returns to the dormitory he finds Fidelio unconscious outside, hypnotised. With Gabriel's help he manages to get Fidelio back into the dormitory. That same night Billy visits Ezekiel to claim his reward, but is instead yelled at for kicking Blessed[31].

Friday 24 January: Fidelio recovers from his hypnotisation. Charlie returns home to discover that Paton has been run over and is in the hospital. Charlie accompanies Maisie and his mother to the hospital to see Paton and finds out about the Welsh dictionary[32].

Saturday 25 January: Charlie visits Paton again with Grandma Bone and her sisters, but is unable to speak privately with him and ask about the dictionary. When he gets home Charlie talks to Amy about Henry and Amy suggests he talk to Miss Ingledew about the Welsh dictionary. Charlie agrees and that same day he and Benjamin go to the bookshop. Charlie realises with Miss Ingledew's help that Paton intends for him to go into Skarpo's painting[33].

Monday 27 January: Olivia finds Henry in the ruin; she is almost caught by Beth and Zelda but Emma Tolly (as a tollroc) saves her[34].            

Tuesday 28 January: Charlie visits Skarpo and brings back a wand[35].

Wednesday 29 January: Tancred returns to school[36].

Thursday 30 January: Cook tells Charlie to meet Mr Onimous at the Pets' Cafe at two o'clock on Saturday[37]

Friday 31 January: Dr Bloor searches Charlie's bag but finds nothing except Skarpo's painting. When Charlie gets home he finds Paton recovered and in his room. Charlie updates Paton on what's been happening with Henry[38].

Saturday 1 February: Charlie and the others meet at the Pets' Cafe at two o'clock. Charlie and Fidelio reach Henry's prison through a passageway only known to Mr Onimous which they swear to keep secret. Charlie uses the wand to move the rock that is keeping Henry imprisoned. However, once they return to the Cafe they find that the Bloors and Yewbeams are there and they are forced to leave Henry in the tunnel[39].

Henry escapes the tunnel and finds him way back into the Academy. He meets Mrs Bloor, who tries to take him with her when she uses the Time Twister, but Henry chooses not to go in the last minute. Believing Henry to be gone, the Bloors stop chasing him, but Henry is stuck on the roof. Luckily Emma Tolly rescues Henry and brings him to Charlie's house[40].

The rest of the household visit Henry and prepare for a trip to the coast for Charlie, Paton and Henry. At midnight Charlie, Paton and Henry leave for the coast[41]

Sunday 2 February: Paton, Charlie and Henry arrive at the house by the sea. Henry and James are reunited. Charlie spends the day with Henry, exploring the beach. He also meets Pearl, Cook's sister. At the end of the day, after Paton is well-rested, both he and Charlie return to the city[42].     

Mid-February: On the first day of term break Paton has a birthday party, Paton and Charlie leave for the coast to visit Henry and James[43].

Events of Book Three

Saturday 26 April: Benjamin and his family leave for Hong Kong. Benjamin leaves Runner Bean in Charlie's care. Paton leaves for Yewbeam Castle, to stop Yolanda from coming to the city. Charlie meets Belle, a strange girl living with the Yewbeam aunts. 

Monday 28 April: Belle starts school at Bloor's Academy. Emma and Charlie learn of Ollie and his invisibility and decide to try to help him. Ollie comes to the dining hall during dinner but is discovered and flees back to the attics. 

Friday 2 May: Runner Bean is discovered by Grandma Bone. Mr Onimous brings him to the Pets' Cafe.

Saturday 3 May: Maisie leaves the city to look after her sick sister Doris.

Sunday 4 May: Mr Boldova and the good endowed children meet at the Pets' Cafe. Mr Boldova tells them about Yolanda Yewbeam. Samuel Sparks is hypnotised by Yolanda Yewbeam. Billy turns eight and befriends Rembrandt, Mr Boldova's rat.

Friday 9 May: Billy comes home with Charlie for the weekend. Paton returns from Yewbeam Castle in a very ill state. Charlie goes into Skarpo's painting to try and find a cure for his uncle, and accidently releases the sorceror from his painting.

Saturday 10 May: Ezekiel comes for Billy. Charlie takes Rembrandt the rat to the Pets' Cafe, and tells Emma of his uncle's illness.

Monday 12 May: Skarpo causes mischief in the city and the Academy. The endowed go to Dr Bloor's study to discover the culprit. Charlie goes to Cook's hidden room and manages to stop Skarpo from causing any more chaos.  

Friday 16 May: Once he returns from school, Charlie takes Skarpo back into his painting. Skarpo tells Charlie to give Paton vervain. 

Saturday 17 May: Charlie and his friends steal vervain from Eustacia's garden. Charlie gives the vervain to Paton and Paton becomes well again.

Sunday 18 May: Charlie and his friends devise a plan to rescue Ollie Sparks from invisibility. 

Monday 19 May: The Night of Winds and Spirits occurs.

Tuesday 20 May: Ollie escapes the Academy and becomes visible again.

Friday 23 May: Maisie returns to the city. Charlie finds out that he is descended from Mathonwy on his mother's side of the family, meaning that the wand he 'borrowed' from Skarpo is actually his.

Saturday 24 May: Ms Ingledew tries on the enchanted belt of black jewels and almost dies. Charlie and his wand destroy the belt. Paton goes to Venetia's house in a fury and confronts Yolanda, and ultimately kills the hag and burns Venetia's house down. Samuel Sparks is found and woken up by Yolanda's death, and is reunited with Ollie.   

Sunday 25 May: The good endowed children meet Ollie at the Pets' Cafe. Ollie invites them to stay at Sparkling Castle for a week during the mid-semester break.

Friday 28 May: Mid-semester break begins.

Saturday 29 May: Paton, Julia, Runner Bean, Ollie, Samuel and the good endowed children set out for Sparkling Castle. 

Events of Book Four

Sunday 31 August: Ezekiel brings what he believes is Borlath and his warhorse Hamaram to life. 

Monday 1 September: First day of fall semester.

Friday 5 September: Charlie stays behind for detention.

Saturday 6 September: Charlie is driven half-way home by Aunt Eustacia. Billy steals Charlie's wand and gives it to Manfred. Billy goes home with the De Greys.

Sunday 7 September: Charlie learns about the Castle of Mirrors. Meets Alice Angel. Gets his wand back in the form of a white moth.

Monday 8 September: Billy shows Gabriel a button. Gabriel puts it on, but the white horse appears and frightens them all, making Gabriel throw the button away from him. Billy then becomes sick (gets agonising cramps) and is sent home again.

Friday 12 September: Charlie finds the button again. When he gets home he goes with Paton and Miss Ingledew to see Christopher Crowquill, Billy's rightful guardian.

Saturday 13 September: Charlie goes to Pets' Cafe to see Emma and her new pet; the Looms cause chaos with their dogs. Police warn the Onimouses that the cafe might be closed down. Later Charlie, Emma and Fidelio and Runner Bean go to the Passing House to try and see Billy. Clawdia the cat reveals Usher's unbreakable force-field to Runner Bean.

Sunday 14 September: Close to dawn, Billy escapes the De Greys with the help of the Flames. He also steals Florence De Grey's oaths and throws them away. Billy goes to the Silks' home temporarily to hide. Charlie, Lysander and Tancred come to the Silks' to discuss what could be done about Billy. At dawn, the oaths attack, but Lysander manages to defeat them using his spirit ancestors.

After breakfast at the Silks', Billy and Charlie go to Tancred's. When they are nearly there they see the white horse and Charlie panics because he thinks it's Borlath trying to kill him. Billy then reveals that it's really Queen Berenice that was brought to life. Billy asks Berenice to take him and Charlie to the Castle of Mirrors (at Charlie's request). Berenice leaves, but at dusk she reappears and agrees to take them. Charlie and Billy leave on the horse, and Charlie makes Tancred promise that he'll speak to Paton and tell him what's happened. 

Monday 15 September: Early that morning Paton hears of what happened and sets out for the Castle of Mirrors with Mr Crowquill. Tantalus Ebony goes there as well. Charlie and Billy reach the Castle of Mirrors. They meet Albert Tuccini, who Charlie thinks is his father. Charlie travels into the Wall of History and sees Amoret, his ancestor, and is trapped until Albert shatters the glass with his shoe and frees him.

The three of them leave the Castle of Mirrors, and meet Paton and Mr Crowquill. Paton tells Charlie that Albert is not his father. Charlie is extremely disappointed. While they are walking back to the car, they are ambushed by Yorath/Tantalus Ebony, who tries to kill Paton by pushing over the edge of the cliff. Mr Crowquill sacrifices his life to save Paton's by dragging himself and Yorath over the edge of the cliff. Yorath dies, and the men he had taken the shape of are freed from their captivity in Yewbeam Castle.

 When they stop at a cafe, Albert leaves for places unknown, leaving a note for Paton in the mens' restroom. After returning to the city, Billy goes to live with the Gunn family temporarily. Felix Gunn agrees to drive Charlie to the Academy the next morning.

That same day, Gabriel Silk leaves the school in a coma, as he tried on Mr Pilgrim's cape which was (possibly) enchanted. The balance is lost between the endowed children.  

Tuesday 16 September: That morning Vincent Ebony and Tantalus Wright return to their homes in Yorwynde, and the entire village celebrates their return.

Charlie returns to Bloor's, and is shocked to find that Tancred has defected to the evil side and Cook's underground room is topsy-turvy. Charlie has to think of how to restore the balance.   

Thursday 18 September: Billy is discovered and taken back to Bloor's Academy.

Saturday 20 September: Charlie, Emma and Fidelio go to Olivia's house and convince Olivia to see Alice Angel. Emma finds Alice in the park and they all go there to see her. Olivia's talent is revealed, and Alice answers any questions before leaving for the train station. On Saturday evening Paton, Charlie, Olivia, Fidelio, Emma and Miss Ingledew meet to make up a plan to restore the balance and rescue Billy Raven from the Bloors. They agree to keep Olivia's talent a secret from the Bloors, so that there is one endowed child the Bloors don't know about.

Monday 22 September: In the King's room Olivia creates illusions of spiders crawling all over Joshua Tilpin, breaking the hold he has over Tancred. Paton breaks into the Academy and forces the Bloors to sign some papers letting Billy Raven choose where he will spend his weekends. Olivia conjures up a horseman with a bloody axe to help scare the Bloors into signing.     

Saturday 27 September: Charlie, Billy, Fidelio, Emma and Olivia visit Gabriel in the hospital. Billy brings Rita (Gabriel's favorite gerbil) there to cheer Gabriel up and hasten his recovery. Outside the hospital, Paton reads an article about the captives' story.


Events of Book Five

First week of January (Thursday 1--Saturday 3): Charlie turns twelve. 

Friday 9 January/Saturday 10 January: Count Harken Badlock is released, Benjamin and his family return from Hong Kong, The Flames warn Charlie about the Shadow and tell him to watch his mother, all the animals in the city flee into the wilderness.

Saturday 10 January: Charlie, Ben and Billy go to the Pets' Cafe and learn of the animal exodus.

Monday 12 January: Billy tells Charlie about the witch with two shadows. Olivia conjures an alligator outside the girls' dormitories; Charlie is accused of conjuring it and is sent to Dr Bloor's office.   

Sunday 18 January: At dawn, Charlie meets Naren Bloor and travels with her to the sanctuary in the wilderness. He meets Bartholomew Bloor and hears his story. Charlie gets his friends' animals back, Bartholomew gives Charlie a photo Lyell took and drives him to the Pets Cafe. Charlie is caught by the Looms and Joshua Tilpin and saved by the Flames. Charlie goes into the photo to try and see what his father looked like, and almost freezes to death. Maisie is frozen.

Monday 19 January: Amy is bewitched.  

Friday 23 January: Charlie gets detention, he and Billy spy on the Hundred Heads' Dinner and learn about Count Harken Badlock.

Saturday 24 January: Manfred shows Billy and Charlie the ballroom. Charlie meets Mr Pilgrim again in the hallway leading to the Music Tower. 

Amy, Grizelda and the Yewbeam aunts go to the Grand Ball. Julia Ingledew dinners with Paton and Charlie at 9 Filbert Street and they go through Bart's journals. 

Sunday 25 January: Paton finds a photo of Lyell and tells Charlie. However, he gives it to Amy and Harken sees it and alters it so no one can see Lyell's face. Charlie goes to the Pet's Cafe and tells everyone about the Hundred Heads' Dinner.   

25/26 January (Sunday night/Monday morning): Ingledew's is broken into, Paton saves Bart's life and scars Manfred Bloor. Bartholomew tells Paton to tell Charlie to put the diaries in a safe place. Charlie visits Skarpo who agrees to guard the diaries. Skarpo gives Charlie a translated version of the spell in Bart's diaries.    

Monday 26 January: Charlie is ambushed by the bad endowed and is rescued by Olivia and Emma. Olivia uses her talent to scare the kids away. However, Mrs Brown sees her.

Monday night: Mrs Brown visits Paton who convinces her not to betray Olivia to the Bloors. That same night, Paton confronts his sisters about Harken and Lyell's disappearance.

Saturday 31 January: Olivia steals the Mirror of Amoret from Harken and meets Charlie back at her house. The Looms and Harken arrive and a battle ensues between them and Charlie, Gabriel, Lysander, Olivia and Tancred. Charlie finds his father using the Mirror of Amoret. Charlie loses the mirror, which breaks when Joshua makes him drop it. Charlie tells Paton what occurred. Paton devises a plan to banish Harken using the spell found in Bart's diaries. Charlie goes with Ben to find Naren and tell her to be at the Pets' Cafe at four o'clock the next afternoon. 

Sunday 1 February: At four o'clock, the nine endowed children and their parents gather at the Pets' Cafe. The children and Mr Onimous go into the ruin to make the King's tears clear again. The spell doesn't work until Asa Pike joins them. Amy and Maisie are cured. When they come home Paton and Charlie tell Amy the truth of what happened to Lyell. At ten past eleven that night, Amy and Charlie set out for Bloor's Academy to wake Lyell. At midnight, they arrive at the Academy and wake Lyell in the chapel using the King's tears. Manfred Bloor is horribly injured by the Flames when he tries to stop Charlie from waking Lyell up by knocking the glass bottle from his hands. Lyell, Charlie and Amy return to Filbert Street to live.

Grandma Bone leaves to live with her sisters in Darkly Wynd.     

February: events of book six and seven

Events of Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf

Sunday: Lord Grimwald and Dagbert arrive in the city.

Monday: Dagberts starts his first day at Bloor's Academy; Charlie is assigned to look after him.





Saturday (?): Gabriel sees his father give the Red Knight the Red King’s cloak.

Sunday (?): Gabriel asks to put on the cloak but his father tells him that it’s disappeared.


Tuesday: The Red Knight visits Mrs Kettle to ask her to make a special, unbeatable sword for him.

Wednesday: Bart’s family leaves the wilderness because of the hunters (early morning).



Saturday: Charlie, Olivia, Benjamin and Runner Bean go into the wilderness to search for Asa Pike; they end up rescuing his mother instead. The Red Knight is at end of bridge when the kids and Mrs Pike are trying to cross, and he rescues Runner Bean when the dog falls into the river.

Sunday: The Red Knight goes back to Mrs Kettle for completed sword.

Monday: Asa Pike is rescued. The Red Knight fights the stone knight that Eric conjures up.

Events of Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock














Saturday: Billy is dragged into the painting of Badlock.


Monday: Tancred is drowned. Charlie is suspended from Bloor’s Academy.


Wednesday: Gabriel, Fidelio and Emma go find Cook to ask her what happened to Charlie.



Saturday: Mrs Brown sneaks into Titania Tilpin’s meeting in the Old Chape in Piminy Street.

Sunday: Charlie goes into the painting to rescue Billy, but rescues Otus Yewbeam instead. Charlie and Paton take Otus to the Castle of Mirrors. The Red Knight and the queen follow them there. The Red Knight does something (?) that stops Charlie and Paton from drowning in the sea.   

Events of Charlie Bone and the Red Knight

Monday ??? March:

Tuesday ??? March: The Red Knight fights Ashkelan Kapaldi for the first time.

Wednesday ??? March:

Thursday ??? March:

Friday ??? March:

Saturday ??? March:

Charlie explores the tunnel, is chased by Amos Byrne. The Red Knight fights and kills Amos Byrne.

Sunday ??? March:

Charlie, Emma and Paton go visit Barnaby Bittermouse.

Olivia is bewitched.

Monday ??? March: 

Tuesday ??? March:

The Red Knight fights Ashkelan Kapaldi; Ashkelan is killed by his own sword.

Night: Charlie receives the perplexing postcard from Amy.

Friday ??? March:

Emma goes to see Alice Angel.

Saturday ??? March:

Charlie rescues Billy from Badlock.

Sunday ??? March: Emma frees Olivia from the waistcoat’s spell.

The final battle happens.

March: events of book eight

March: James Yewbeam dies. Marigold comes out of the Time Twister and is adopted by an unconventional family.  

April: Paton and Julia are married (during Easter holiday).

A week after the Easter holidays: Bloor's Academy reopens under different management. 

December: Markendaya is sent forward in time while visiting his sick mother in a hospital. 


First week of January: Charlie turns thirteen.

Early February: Marigold is found by Treasure and taken to the Littles' House.

February or March: Markendaya comes out of the Time Twister, is found by Pearl and taken to the Littles' House. 

Events of Henry and the Guardians of the Lost

Saturday 19 March:

Sunday 20 March (Spring Equinox): Pearl receives letter from Treasure; Henry is taken to Timeless. 

Monday 21 March:

Tuesday 22 March: The Mayor visits the House; sees Enkidu. Henry, Ankaret, Marigold and Mark hide in the attic.

Wednesday 23 March:

Thursday 24 March:

Friday 25 March:

Saturday 26 March:

Sunday 27 March:

Someday at end of March: The pan-cleaning day. Enkidu is injured fighting the Mayor's cat. The Mayor's cat dies.

10th day after pan-shining: ???

12th day after pan-shining: Henry sees Peter and Penny Reed trying to break into the Littles' House; he tries to confront them, but is knocked unconscious. He is taken by Penny and Reed to the Mayor's house.

April: Henry is held captive by the Mayor for three weeks before he is rescued by Lazlo and the other witches. Henry and Ankaret return to Oceanview.  


Charlie's birthdate: Charlie has to have been born in the first week of January, and not on December 31 (as is stated elsewhere). Charlie is said to have been two years old when his father disappeared in 1994. If Charlie was born on December 31 1992 he would still be one years old when Lyell disappeared. This is not in agreement with the canon information given in the books. In addition, in Charlie Bone and the Hidden King Charlie tells the Flames that his birthday was last week. At that time it is the second week of January. So Charlie can only have been born in the first week of January. 

Billy Raven's birthdate: Though parts of the wiki say that Billy is born in 1994, by working backwards we can see that this is not true. If Billy was born in 1994 and it was currently 2003, then Billy would be nine years old (2003-1994=9). In the series, Billy is said to have turned eight on May 4 2003, signalling that he was born a year after 1994, in 1995.

Emma Tolly's birthday and abduction and Lyell's disappearance is most likely to have occurred in fall or winter, as fog is most common in those seasons. Seeing as Emma was already ten years old in November 2002, during the events of the first book ('She'd be ten years old now.'--Miss Ingledew, Midnight for Charlie Bone), this places her birthday between January and October, probably in the fall or winter of the year. Emma's abduction happened when Emma was almost two, so it would have most likely occurred within the same month as her second birthday. So, Emma could probably have been born in January, February, September or October. 

  • Charlie states in Blue Boa (in early May) that his father disappeared eight years ago. So that narrows down the possible months to September or October. 

The exact dates and days for the events in the books are gotten from the 2002, 2003 and 2004 calendars. The dates for events in Castle of Mirrors are approximate, based on the fact that autumn term starts in early September.

Benjamin's birthday: In Midnight for Charlie Bone, Benjamin is said to be turning ten on a Saturday in late October. Looking at the 2002 calendar, we can see that this is the last Saturday in the month, and that the date is October 26. If Benjamin's birthday was on the second-last Saturday of the month (October 19), then it would be mid-October, and not late October.   

The birth years of the members of the Yewbeam, Bloor and Raven families are gotten from the family trees given in the books.   


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