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CB and Time Twister
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Charlie Bone and the Time Twister
Coverart in UK 2010
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Charlie Bone and the Time Twister is the second novel in the Charlie Bone Series.

It's prequel is Midnight for Charlie Bone, and the sequel is Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa (Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy in the USA).


"In the coldest winter on January 1916, Henry and James Yewbeam are talking about their cousin, Ezekiel Bloor. Ezekiel is endowed and can work little 'magic' but nevertheless he hates Henry for Henry is much more clever than him. Ezekiel rolls a marble towards Henry who is playing Ring Taw. The marble, turns out to be the Time Twister, sends him forward into time.

Meanwhile, in the present time, Charlie gets into more trouble. At Bloor's, Charlie   Henry and attempts to hide him in the tower. But Henry disappears out of the tower. Charlie tries to find him but only finds Cook's old secret room. Charlie finally finds Henry in the secret rooms. Charlie attempts to bring Henry back to this year by putting him in a freezer. But, he fails. Charlie asks his Uncle Paton what to do, he says to just wait in time.

During school break, Henry gets into trouble to. Henry almost gets captured when he runs into the ruins. But he is saved by Olivia Vertigo. On Sunday, he is captured when he sees Billy Raven kick Blessed the dog. Meanwhile, at home, Charlie's uncle gets run over by the Yewbeam aunts.

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