Dagbert Endless: “Funny-looking person in that portrait.”

Manfred Bloor: “The person in that portrait was my great-great-great grandmother, Donatella, a very brave woman. She accidentally electrocuted in an experiment.”

Donatella da Vinci (b.1845) is the daughter of an Italian magician and the wife of Betram Babington Bloor. She is a descendant of the Red King, as her portrait hangs in the Hall of Portraits at Bloor's Academy. Donatella is also the mother of Gideon Bloor and Grace Bloor. Donatella is later electroucuted in one of Bertram's experiments. She is very important in the family, as Manfred Bloor puts it. Her portrait is later knocked down by Joshua Tilpin in Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock when Charlie Bone pushes Joshua. Her portrait gets a hole over her eyebrow and she curses Charlie heavily through her portrait, which Charlie refuses to meet her eye. Manfred gets really angry and send Charlie to the headmaster, who, also thinks Donatella was important and keeps Charlie in the gray room all day the night Dagbert Endless drowned Tancred Torsson and later he is suspended for the rest of the week.