Write your name and put what you would want your endowment to be. It doesn't have to be from the book series, make up your own! For example, teleportation, controlling time, mind-reading, etc..

Also, write your endowment as if your referring to yourself. Like, Teleporter, Controler of Time, Mind-Reader, etc..

Name Endowment

Please note- if your character has all endowments, please add a weakness so its not OP.


Cairo-Animal Mimic

Lord of the beasts

Paralyze with direct contact

Chelsea - Illusionist

Christian - Summon past and future counterparts and control them

Migy - Super Strength

Sith lord - Invisibility

JanzPotter - Pyrokinetic/Aquakinetic

Nyanpig - Every Endowment

SSP221 - Absorbing other children's endowments on contact.

Jono-Life Breather

DJ - The Ability to have every endowment I wish

Kevin Tang: Electric Manipulator= Generate electricity and to shock people by zapping or static shocking.

Zahra- I have the endowments of the Red King, but I don't usually have control. my powers usually react to my emotions.

Might42- Energy projector. I can create energy blasts and force fields

Stealthheart- Lauguage. I can speak all tongues; human and animal.

Mackinzae- Storm-Bringer, Shape-shifting and magnetism also power-boosting. Magnetism only when mad.

Tom- Endowment includes Picture Traveling and Weather Manipulation and Bodily Regeneration where in only extreme and deadly circumstances my body changes extensively and I'm granted a new body and can not be controlled but be shared only if the person is a family member, Bodily Regeneration won't work if the body is already dead and my other powers are emotionally controlled.

Zachary- All mind-related powers, including Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Force Field Generation. Because of this, I also has enhanced senses, whichcan be used against me in different ways, such as blasting loud music right next to me.

Sceptilite: Telekinetic. Hard light psychic constructs.