Esteban Diaz


12th century


Berenice (daughter), a wife and seven other children

Hair colour


Eye colour


Endowment (if a child of the Red King)



Castile, Toledo

Ancestor (if a child of the Red King)


Department (current or past)




Esteban Diaz was the father-in-law of the Red King. His daughter is Queen Berenice. Tolemeo, the Red King's fifth son, fled to Toledo when Borlath took over the Red Castle.

"The bravest soldier in all Castile," Esteban Diaz was famous in Castile for being the best swordsman in the land. The king relied on him for many battles. He married a Catalonian woman and they had eight children, one of which was Berenice. He taught Berenice to use a sword. Berenice's son Tolemeo inherited Esteban's gift as a swordsman, which Berenice encouraged him to improve. 

When Count Harken attacked Toledo, Esteban Diaz came to free the people. He killed two viridees before enchanted birds distracted him and Harken ran him through. Berenice greatly grieved his death.

He is the grandfather of all the endowed.

Source: Chronicles of the Red King: The Secret Kingdom

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