Felix Gunn is Fidelio Gunn's older brother and he is the oldest Gunn child. Felix plays the guitar in a band, and is away from his house at times. In the fourth book, Felix drives Fidelio to Bloors since so it won't look suspicious because the Gunns hid Billy Raven in their house for a while, and Felix offered to teach music at Bloor's. Later when Billy is broguht back to the academy, Felix is dismissed and leaves, after telling Charlie how a wolfish creature, Asa Pike in his wolf form, jumped through an open window in the Gunn House and the Gunn children tired to beat it with instruments and whatever came in hand. Billy was terrified and ran out the front door, straight into Manfred Bloor's hands, where he is driven back to the acadmy in Mr. Weedon's black car.

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