"This is my friend Fidelio. He's excellent at crisis. Never panics."

-Charles Bone

Fidelio Gunn (b.1992) is one of Charlie's best friends, Fidelio is an amazing violin player, though not magically endowed. He tutored Charlie in music to help him prepare for enrollment at Bloor's. Fidelio is the middle Gunn child, and his home, Gunn House, is generally filled with the clamor of the many musicians in his large family, and is one of the safest places for Charlie and his friends to hide and plot, as there is consistently enough noise to cover their conspiring. Fidelio's family also owns a cat named Pudding, who is deaf. Fidelio is one of several children in the Gunn household that is musically inclined, except that he is a virtuoso, a musical genius that can pick up any instrument and play it without formal lessons. He is the first person from Bloor's Academy that Charlie meets and is the one that first teaches Charlie to play the trumpet enough to get by in his trumpet lessons at school. (Charlie had been put into the music department by his Grandmother because his father was in music). His house is where Charlie puts all the things he doesn't want the Bloors finding. This fails only once in the fifth book of the series, when Tolly Twelve Bells (the device used to wake Emma Tolly from hypnosis) is stolen. Fidelio is Charlie's best friend and close confident. He always wants to help Charlie. Fidelio's mother, Chloe knew that her middle child would go as far in music. Fidelio has seven other siblings, the youngest, his little sister Mimi who also plays the violin, and the oldest, Felix, who plays the guitar in a band. His father is a music teacher in the local school.


Fidelio is a boy with Brown hair and Brown eyes