"Not the Pet's Café? NOT THE PET'S CAFÉ?"

-Benjamin Brown

Fine and Fancy are owned by Mr. and Mrs, Branko, the parents of Idith Branko and Inez Branko, who are related to Zelda Dobinski. They are telekinetics. Fine and Fancy sells "anything out of the ordinary" like "20 ballroom dresses to fur lined rain boots". And "a pair of rainbow striped stilts". It is said that Natalia Branko (nee Dobinski) can produce anything. When a customer asks Ogden Branko for an item, Natalia, wherever she is looks at the oak counter, and behind it, the item wanted appears. Thus, Natalia had two endowments, telekinetics, and producing items. It is renamed in the 8th book as "Not the Pet's Café". Gabriel Silk describes it as " a slap in the face" because they knew that the Pet's Café was the children's favorite place. And they named it that when the Onimouses were forced to leave the Pet's Café becauses of "crumbling walls". The new owner, Amos Byrne was working for the Bloors, so he bought it to search the ruins, hoping to find the will for Billy Raven.

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