The Gunn family live in the Gunn House, and several children come for music lessons there. Mr. and Mrs. Gunn have eight children, all who play and instrument. Gunn house is crowded with instruments and is filled with sound all day. Their doorbell, when rung, shouts "DOOR! DOOR! DOOR!" instead of a normal ring, so it is heard above all the sound in the house. The attic is a sort of garve for broken instruments, which are put away. It is also a place where Charlie Bone and his friends can talk peacefully above all of the sound. It is also the place where Tolly Twelve Bells was hidden. The Gunns also have a cat, Pudding, who is deaf due to all the noise going on in the house. Mr. Gunn is a music teacher in the local school and he and his wife Chloe spend most of their time singing. The middle of the Gunn children, Fidelio Gunn, goes to Bloor's Academy for his talent in music. The Gunn family love to take part in musical things and help Charlie in his plans even if they are unmusical. Later it is discoevered soemone stole Tolly Twelve Bells from the Gunn House, and no one noticed because children came in for lessons and nobody paid attention to someone who might be carrying a briefcase disguised as an instument case. All of the Gunn children have brown hair and freckles.