Henry Yewbeam
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Descendant of Amoret




The Yewbeams and The Bloors

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The Yewbeams

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Henry Yewbeam (b.1905) is Charlie's long-lost great-great uncle. He was lost in Jan. 12, 1916 when he looked into the time Twister and was transported 90 years later. He was brought into Charlie Bone's time and Charlie helped him escape from the Bloors' clutches and reunited him with James Yewbeam, his younger (now older) brother. He currently goes to a normal school near where James Yewbeam lives. The Bloors do not know where he is, as they thought he had gone through the time twister again with Manfred Bloor's mother. Henry never attended Bloor's Academy as a pupil.


Early Life

Henry was born to Grace and Manley Yewbeam in 1905. 

Charlie Bone and the Time Twister

After being tricked by Ezekiel into looking into the Time Twister, Henry finds himself travelling to the year 2003. He meets Charlie Bone, his distant relative, who temporarily hides him in the Music Tower to keep the Bloors from finding out about him.  

Henry and the Guardians of the Lost

Physical appearance



James Yewbeam

James is Henry's brother. Though Henry was born first, because of his trip through time Henry looks biologically younger than James. In his first life, Henry loved his brother very much and took care of him.  


Pearl is James Yewbeam's housekeeper, and Henry's minder. 


Charlie Bone

Almost two years after his arrival in the 21st century, Henry considers Charlie his best friend, and always can't wait for him to visit at Ocean View. Although Charlie is technically his great-great-nephew, Henry thinks of him as his cousin.


Henry meets Ankaret in the Littles' House. Their frienship does not get off to a good start, but eventually Ankaret begins to warm up to Henry. In Henry and the Guardians of the Lost, it is hinted that Henry may have romantic feelings for Ankaret.  


Jenny Nimmo announced in March of 2014 on her Twitter Page that a book about Henry was in progress.

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