"They're evil, those two."

-Lysander Sage

Inez Branko (b.1993) was introduced in Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors. She is one of the bad endowed children, and is a descendant of one the Red King's evil children, Olga. She is a telekinetic, like her twin sister, Idith Branko. Inez is distantly related to Zelda Dobinski, who is also a telekinetic. Inez and her sister hardly ever talk, and are impossible to tell apart. She and and her sister don't always get along with each other. They own a shop called "Fine and Fancy" which was renamed "Not the Pets' Cafe" in the eighth book. Their mother Natalia Branko ( maiden name Natalia Dobinski ) is also telekinetic, and she can produce anything she wants out of thin air.

Inez and Idith both have "...shiny black hair, cut just below the ears, long bangs, and complexions that were so pale and smooth, they looked like porcelain." When in the King's Room, Inez uses her endowment to annoy the good endowed children by making pens and papers fly away. She and her sister, Idith, only smile when somebody is in trouble. Inez also has sharp blue eyes, and a piercing gaze like her sister Idith. The twins are said to have china dark blue eyes in the fourth book, and black eyes in the fifth, so the colour could be in between.