Julia Ingledew is the owner of Ingledew's Bookshop and is the aunt of Emma Tolly. She is first introduced in Midnight For Charlie Bone, when Charlie looks for a birthday present for Benjamin and she tells him about Emma Tolly and Emma's father's inventions. She is a close friend of the good endowed children and often helps them. She took care of Ollie Sparks when he was still invisible.

In the fourth book she received letters from Billy Raven's relative and was described in the letters as "a close friend of Charlie Bone". She is in love with Charlie's great uncle, Paton Yewbeam, although in the second book she neglected Paton and spent all her free time with Emma or planning to do something with Emma. She was horrified when Paton was hit by a car and swore to help Charlie however she could. Julia is a kind person and willingly helps Emma and the good descendants of the Red King.

Grizelda Bone (Charlie's grandmother) repeatedly calls Julia "the woman who chases Paton around," although in the fourth book Charlie states, ".. anyone could have told her that it is the other way around." Grizelda doesn't like Julia.

Charlie's great-aunt Venetia taught Dorcas Loom to make bewitched clothes, then Dorcas "helped" Emma by finishing a beautiful belt with ordinary-looking bewitched beads, and when Emma took the belt home with her to Julia's bookshop Julia tried it on, not knowing it was bewitched. The belt started tightening and she would've died if Paton and Charlie hadn't come.

Julia and Emma live in the upstairs part of the bookshop. Ingledew's bookshop is at 3 Cathedral Square. In the eighth book she marries Paton Yewbeam (Charlie's uncle).

Julia Ingledew is first introduced in the first book, Midnight for Charlie Bone, when Charlie goes to Ingledew's Bookstore and Julia gives him the robotic talking doll and later, the Tolly Twelve Bells, which were designed to "wake" Miss Ingledew's neice, Emma Tolly, who was hyptonized into the girl Emilia Moon for 8 years. When Charlie goes back to the bookstore, he brings with him his Great-Uncle Paton Yewbeam, who, over the course of the eight books in the Children of the Red King series, forms a loving and wholesome relationship with Ingledew. In the eighth book, Paton proposes to Julia when he is recovering in the hospital after a nasty arrow wound had been afflicted upon him in the final battle. After their marriage, Paton moves into the bookstore with Julia. Julia Ingledew is listed as one of the members of the "good side", as she is constantly helping the good children (Charlie, Tancred, Lysander, eventually Billy, etc...).