Kingdoms is a very fancy store with green marble pillars on either side of the enterance, an oak door with a green and gold marble floor and roof, and ninety glass windows in the building. Everything in the store is expensive and breathtaking. There are two dressed doormen in front of the store. The counters inside are velvet-covered that display, "exquistive jewlery, silk scarves, and extravagantly packed oils, creams, and perfumes. Handwriteen cards with names that Amy had never heard of, and prices she dared not think of peeked shyly from behind leather boxed, coloured bottles, glittering tins, and velvet bags. Chandeliers hung low over every counter, casting a brillant light on the displays beneath, while the assistants stood in shadow. Only a pale pair of hands could be glimpsed, hovering over the counters."

Kingdoms is owned by Count Harken Badlock, who took over when he returned to the city. It could've been a store of magic, as the top floors's decorations and furniture were all conjured up by the count. Amy Bone had only been there twice in her life, with her husband Lyell Bone, where she bought their wedding ring.

Kingdom's is also the place where Paton Yewbeam recieves his deliciously packed food basket every Friday, and in a basket in the sixth book, where bewitched prawns which turned Maisie Jones into ice.

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