"Matron's the closest thing a woman can get to a dragon."

-Fidelio Gunn

Lucretia Yewbeam (b.1942) is one of Charlie Bone's great aunts, being his paternal grandmother, Grizelda Bone's, sister. Like Grizelda, (Grandma Bone), she is unendowed, and an antagonist of the Charlie Bone series. She is the current matron of Bloor's Academy. She has 3 sisters, Grizelda Bone, Eustacia Yewbeam, and Venetia Yewbeam. Paton Yewbeam is her brother. Lucretia lives in one of the number thirteens in Darkly Wynd. Lucretia takes place in the series frequently, and is a main antagonist. Like her sisters, she leaves after the battle in the eight book.


Lucretia has grey-white hair, dark eyes, and wears black clothes. She has a pale face like the rest of her siblings.