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As the Red Knight
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Lyell Bone (b.1962) is the son of Grizelda Yewbeam and Montague Bone, who disappeared in 1994 after "breaking the rules" which was trying to interfere in the exchange of Emma Tolly and a mysterious suitcase. He was going to visit his sick mother, Grizelda, but went to the Cathedral to stop the Bloors. He asked Paton Yewbeam, his uncle, to help him, but Paton refused. Lyell struck down Ezekiel Bloor and in a result Ezekiel was injured and Manfred Bloor at age nine hypnotised Lyell. Lyell was not endowed, but attended Bloor's Academy because of his talent in piano, in the Music Department. In the first book, by wearing Lyell's tie, Gabriel discovers that he is not dead, but 'lost'.

In the fifth book, Charlie finds his lost father and he discovers the truth after Lyell was hypnotised, he was transformed into "Mr. Pilgrim", a very spacy and quiet teacher in Bloor's. He is soon reunited with his family, and pretends to go on a honeymoon with his wife, Amy, but when Lyell is injured, Charlie Bone finds out he is actually the Red Knight. It turns out that Lyell and Amy had to keep the Bloors from finding out the true identity of the Red Knight.

Later, when Lyell has recovered from his wounds during the battle, it turns out that Maybelle's box was hidden in the cathedral under the organist's seat in a secret compartment and it actually turned out that Bloor's Academy is rightfully his. He then renames Bloor's Academy to the Bone Academy.Lyell then asks Billy Raven is he wants to come home with him and become his and Amy's adopted son to which Billy happily agrees. According to Lyell, it was Charlie's idea and he and Amy really wanted another son.

Lyell's mother Grizelda and her sisters began to dislike Lyell as he began to disagree with their plans and "go too far". He did this once, as in breaking the ancient Yewbeam Law by marrying Amy Jones, a girl who wasn't a descended of the Red King. Even though Lyell recieved a silk blue tie with a gold "Y" on it, he had proven himself, possibly when he was younger, as a true Yewbeam to his mother.

Lyell is considered a hero and the bravest man on earth to Billy Raven.

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