Mary Chance (b.1930) was the wife of Bartholomew Bloor and the mother of Harold Bloor. Mary was a pretty but impoverished dancer, and fell in love with Bartholomew and married him on a rainy day. Though both their families disapproved of the marriage, both Bartholomew and Mary were happy. Their son, Harold, was a serious child and rarely laughed or smiled, and he didn't like traveling, camping, hiking, even going on picnics. Bartholomew loved traveling and he and his friends spent the holidays climbing in Snowdonia, the Alps, and the Pyrenees. Soon after that, Bartholomew recieved a letter for an expidition to the Himalayas. Mary told him he had to go, or else he would regret it. He agreed and left. When an avalanche killed Bartholomew's party, Mary believed he was dead and went into an empty theatre and danced herself to death, leaving her son in Bloor's Academy.

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