Mathowy was a Welsh magician. He was friends with the Red King and his friend's son, Amadis. He was one of Charlie Bone's ancestors on his mother's side. He also owned the wand that the magician Skarpo stole, which Charlie later took(Claerwen)

The Red King and Amadis

Little is known about the friendship between the two magicians. It is known that Mathonwy was reluctant to cast a spell on his friend to turn him into a tree and leave him there forever. The Red King has constantly trusted him to guide his children and their descendants to his tree to reawaken him the day he is needed.

Amadis, the Red King's good son, gained the friendship of Mathonwy. When Borlath and his terrible armies raged upon Amadis's castle, Mathonwy learned of it. However he was only able to help towards the ending of Borlath's raging by sending a sheet of beautiful magic snow down over the castle. Unfortunately, this did not save Amadis, but it did save Amadis's youngest son, the albino Owain who could talk to animals. Instead of just dousing the flames as Mathonwy intended, his conjured snow also transformed the castle's entire surface into mirrors, thus changing it into the magical Castle of Mirrors.


Mathonwy is the ancestor of the Jones family and Charlie Bone.