Matilda is the granddaughter of Count Harken Badlock and Lilith, the Red King's eldest daughter, and the sister of Edgar. She went to live with her grandparents after her parents died. She has dark curls and large tabacco coloured eyes, and becomes Billy Raven's friend in Badlock. She lives in the enchanter's palace, and is about Charlie Bone's age. She is very kind, and unlike her brother Edgar, who likes to scare Billy by appearing out of walls all of a sudden. After Charlie returns from Badlock, he wishes he could do anything to see her again. She thinks about him too often in Badlock, as she says there is no one else she can think of since he was "a boy brave enough to venture into Badlock". Matilda retells her future to Charlie, as the count says, when she is sixteen, she will travel to Venice by boat and carriage and her to-be husand would be rich and handsome, even though she longs to go back with Charlie, she knows that it is her fate, and therefore doesn't go back with him.