Midnight for Charlie Bone UK

The coverart for UK shows Cathedral Close

Midnight is the magical hour in the series. It was the time when Lyell Bone and Emma Tolly were hypnotized by Manfred Bloor at Cathedral Close. When Lyell Bone, as Mr. Pilgrim after hypnosis, heard the twelfth chime at midnight from the Cathedral, he could speak before all the chimes were finished. Midnight is also the time when the Blue Boa was rescued and tamed, during the Night of Winds and Spirits. Midnight was also when Lyell Bone was rescued from his hypnotism by drinking the Red King's tree's tears. Though it was dinner at Bloor's Academy when Dagbert Endless drowned Tancred Torsson. Charlie Bone was put in the Grey Room for ruining Donatella da Vinci's portrait, and later suspended, driven to number nine Filbert Street by Mr. Weedon, the gardner at Bloor's.