"Destroy them before they destroy you."

-Montague Bone to Lyell Bone

Montague Bone




Clara Lyell (mother)

Eamon Bone (father)

Grizelda Bone (wife)

Lyell Bone (son)

Amy Bone (daughter-in-law)

Charlie Bone (grandson)

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The Bone Family

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Montague Bone (b.1937), also called Monty Bone, was the husband of Grizelda Bone, the father of Lyell Bone, the son of Eamon Bone and Clara Lyell, and the paternal grandfather of Charlie Bone. An unendowed pilot, Monty was killed in a plane crash when Lyell was one years old. Later, it is found out he is descended from Amadis and related to the Ravens. Montague was the great grandson of Daniel Raven, whose daughter Ita married Simon Bone, Eamon Bone's father, Clara Bone's father-in-law, and Monty's paternal grandfather. 


Monty was born in 1937, in a little hamlet called Neverfinding. He was close friends with a woman called Homily Brown, someone who Paton Yewbeam contacts in Charlie Bone and the Red Knight in an attempt to piece together the history of the Bone family. His parents were Eamon Bone and Clara Lyell.

Monty married Grizelda Yewbeam, and it is said that Venetia had bewitched him into falling in love with her through her endowment, as Grizelda had always wanted to marry a pilot. Grizelda's brother Paton said that if Montague was himself he wouldn't have married Grizelda, as who would want to marry her, a greedy, selfish, spiteful woman. They had a son, Lyell, born in 1962. Soon after that, Monty began to fall out of love with Grizelda.

When Lyell was a year old, Monty crashed his plane in the desert and was killed. A week before his death, Monty returned to his old home of Neverfinding to make a will leaving everything he owned to his son, Lyell. He also wrote a letter, to be read by Lyell when he turned eighteen years old. In this letter, he warned Lyell never to trust the Yewbeams and to destroy them before they destroyed him. It is implied that the crash that killed Monty was caused by the Bloors and Yewbeams.

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