Natalia Dobinski is the mother of Inez Branko and Idith Branko and the wife of Bogden Branko. Natalia has two endowments: the power of telekinesis, and the ability to make things appear out of thin air. She runs a shop called Fine and Fancy, telling customers to spend more than they can afford. When they ask for a certain out-of-the-ordinary item, Natalia stares at the counter where her husband sits behind and makes it appear behind. In the eighth book, the Branko's benefactor come for a visit and suggest to open a cafe in the back of their shop and change the name to, "Not the Pet's Cafe", which was named to insult Charlie Bone and his friends when the pet's Cafe, their favourite place, was closed down. Natalia is Zelda Dobinski's paternal aunt, as Natalia and Zelda's father share the last name, Dobinski, Natalia would be his sister, or cousin. Natalia looks like her daughters, only older, with the same black hair and eyes, and pale skin. She is descended from Olga, the Red King's telekinetic daughter, and like Zelda Dobinski, she could be Polish, in which the Dobinski's ancestors are.