Norton Cross is the bouncer and manager of the The Pet’s Café, and stands in the doorway asking people who enter if they have a pet companion so they can come in. Norton is very large, and wears jackets and shirts decorated with different coloured elephants, like "sparkling elephants" or "pink elephants" and other prints. In the seventh book, Norton Cross is seen in a meeting held by Titania Tilpin on Piminy Street, which decides that Norton is on the "bad" side with Count Harken Badlock, and the Bloors. He is also seen in the meeting at Bloor's Academy as one of the "elite" members with Harold Bloor, Titania Tilpin, Grizelda Bone, Lucretia Yewbeam, Eustacia Yewbeam, Venetia Shellhorn, Ashkelan Kapaldi, Ezekiel Bloor, Manfred Bloor, Lord Grimwald, and Mr. Weedon.

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