"He sounds just like Billy."

-Charles Bone

Owain is Amadis's albino son who talked to animals. He was the only survivor of Borlath's siege of the Castle of Mirrors where Amadis and Amoret were because he climbed inside a well; when the castle was attacked, the magician (and close friend of the Red King) Mathonwy sent snow to smother the flames, turning the walls into shining glass. Owain escaped; Tolemeo saved him and brought him to travel with him. Owain had two sons, a Raven and a Crowquill. His second son, a Raven, had inherited the talent of talking to animals by conversing with crows on a gallows where dead men hung. For this, he was banished from the village. Otus Yewbeam, Amoret's husband, thought Owain was some sort of fairy or goblin the enchanter sent to attack him.