Gregor (father)

Unnamed mother

Treasure (sister)

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The Guardians of the Lost

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Pearl is Treasure's sister and the housekeeper of Ocean View. She is endowed with the gift of tranquillity.


Early Life

Pearl grew up on an island with her parents and her sister Treasure.    

Charlie Bone and the Time Twister

Pearl is introduced at the end of the novel as James Yewbeam's housekeeper. 

Henry and the Guardians of the Lost

In early 2004 James Yewbeam dies, and Pearl stays in Ocean View to look after Henry. One day in March 2005, Pearl receives a letter from her sister Treasure, warning her of men who are coming to Ocean View to abduct Henry, and immediately flees with him to a town called Timeless. Once there, Pearl abandons Henry in Martha's Cafe and leaves the town, as it's the spring solstice and she must leave the town within the hour or else she will be trapped there. However, she leaves a note for Henry in his jacket, telling him what to do next. Unfortunately Henry does not realise this until quite a while later.

Henry learns a great deal about Pearl during his stay in the Littles' House. It's revealed that Pearl is a Guardian of the Lost, specifically a Finder, someone who seeks out children who have been lost in time and brings them to the Littles' House so that they can grow again. It is Pearl who found and rescued Markendaya when he was twisted through time.

When Henry and Ankaret return to Ocean View together, Pearl is there along with Charlie to welcome them home.

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James Yewbeam

Henry Yewbeam