Pets play a large part in the day to day life of many of the characters within the Charlie Bone books. Here are some of the pets in the series.

Runner Bean

This is Benjamin Browns dog and best friend. He also goes by just Runner. He is named at least once within every book and takes a big place in both Charlie's and all his friends' lives. In book 3, Runner bonds a lot with Charlie while Benjamin is away. Also, throughout the series, Benjamin is very protectice of the 'good' children, namely Charlie and Ben, against the 'bad' ones, especially Grandma Bone and the Yewbeam aunts.

The Flames

3 magical cats that once served the Red King as mighty leopards but now serve his many 'good' children as powerful, fiery cats. They can become actual fire, heal wounds, occaionally bring beings back from the dead, and always know when they are needed. They are still able to resort to their leopard form, as they did in the 8th book. They are very helpful to the 'good' children in the series and rightfully horrid to the 'bad' ones. Like Runner, they are named or seen in every nook in the series.


a rat that used to belong to the art teacher Mr. Boldova (Samuel Sparks), but who was given to Billy Raven. He is very knowledgable and is knwon to tell jokes and adventures. He falls in love with the last rat in all of Badlock while Billy is imprisoned there and remains good friends with Billy until the end. He is first mentioned in the second book, but the first time he acts and is truely known, is in the third book once Samuel is hypnotized by Yolanda.

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