"Who would want to live in a place with THEM on the doorstep?"

-A mover named Lucy Palmer

Piminy Street is a street of villians descended from Lilith and Count Harken Badlock. They were brought back into the Red King's City by Titania Tilpin in Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf. The only good person on Piminy Street is Katya Kettle, who has withstood them all. The villians cause many problems in the city, such as breaking into shops, dancing wild on streets, lighting fires on Piminy Street, and stone creatures banging on doors brought to life by Eric Shellhorn. One of the residents on Piminy Street is an 80 year old clairvoyant with red ringlets named Dolores Slingshot for her deadly accuracy with a slingshot. Another resident is a skinny arsonist named Amos Byrne who can hold fire with his bare hands. There are many others, like a man in a white undershirt, an illusionist named Wilfred Coalpaw, and women wearing long skirts that trail in the gutter. Other than the Kettle Shop, there is another shop called the Stone Shop, where Melmott the stonemason makes stone creatures which Eric Shellhorn animates. Piminy Street was not destroyed during The Fire of the Eighteenth Century. The magicians and witches living there were usually at eachother's throats, trying to kill eachother.

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