This is another endowment for descendents of the red king. The Red King's child with this ability was Wyborn. This gives the emdowed the power to alter their form. They can become any living creature. They can change their shape into other people, animals, and even plants. When Paton visited Yewbeam castle, he said Yorath, took the form of a monster and while he was being chased by the creature. he could feel it scorching his feet and making his back blister. This hinted that maybe some shapeshifters could change into other things to, possibly fire, et cetera. The only two known endowed in the books to be true shapeshifters are the father and daughter pair, Yorath and Yolanda Yewbeam. There are other changers too like Asa Pike (who can become a beast at dusk) and Emma Tolly (who can become any kind of bird, even ones she created herself). But, none of the latter are true shapeshifters like those descended from Wyborn. Most of the latter are changers like the Red King's son Carfal the Changer.

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