The Bloor Family traces its origins back to Borlath, the eldest child of the Red King. Whilst all of the endowed families seen in the books are distantly related, the Bloors are more closely related to the Yewbeam and Raven families.

Known Members

Name Dates Endowed? Notes
Bartholomew Bloor 1930- No A competent sailor, explorer and mountaineer

Widower of Mary Chance; husband of Meng Bloor

Son of Ezekiel Bloor

Father of Harold Bloor; adoptive father of Naren Bloor

Grandfather of Manfred Bloor

Beatrice Bloor 1835-? Yes A witch who never married

Daughter of Septimus Bloor and Cecelia Dewhurst

Sibling of Maybelle Bloor and Bertram Babington Bloor

Bertram Babington Bloor 1840-? Yes A magician

Husband of Donatella da Vinci

Son of Septiumus Bloor and Cecelia Dewhurst

Sibling of Maybelle Bloor and Beatrice Bloor

Father of Sir Gideon and Grace Bloor

Cecelia Dewhurst ? Unknown Wife of Septimus Bloor

Mother of Maybelle, Beatrice and Bertram Babington Bloor

Donatella da Vinci 1845-? Unknown The daughter of an Italian magician

Wife of Bertram Babington Bloor

Mother of Sir Gideon and Grace Bloor

Dorothy de Vere 1957- No Violinist

Estranged wife of Harold Bloor

Mother of Manfred Bloor

Ezekiel Bloor 1902-2004 Yes A magician

Widower of Hilda Hansoff

Father of Bartholomew Bloor

Grandfather of Harold and Naren Bloor

Great-grandfather of Manfred Bloor

Sir Gideon Bloor 1875-? No A mathematician and previous headmaster of Bloor's Academy

Husband of Gudrun Solensson

Father of Ezekiel Bloor

Grace Bloor 1885-1965 No Painter

Sister of Sir Gideon Bloor

Wife of Manley Yewbeam

Gudrun Solensson 1876 No An amateur singer

Wife of Sir Gideon Bloor

Mother of Ezekiel Bloor

Dr. Harold Bloor 1955- No Headmaster of Bloor's Academy

Grandson of Ezekiel Bloor

Son of Bartholomew Bloor and Mary Chance

Estranged husband of Dorothy de Vere

Father of Manfred Bloor

Hilda Hansoff 1902-? Unknown Botanist

Wife of Ezekiel Bloor

Mother of Bartholomew Bloor

Grandmother of Harold Bloor

Great-grandmother of Manfred Bloor

Manfred Bloor 1985-2004 Yes Head Boy and later teaching assistant at Bloor's Academy

Great-grandson of Ezekiel Bloor

Grandson of Bartholomew Bloor

Son of Harold Bloor and Dorothy de Vere

Mary Chance 1930-? No Dancer

Wife of Bartholomew Bloor

Mother of Harold Bloor

Grandmother of Manfred Bloor

Maybelle Bloor 1845-? Yes Wife of Lucius Raven

Daughter of Septimus Bloor and Cecelia Dewhurst

Sibling of Beatrice and Bertram Babington Bloor

Meng Bloor ? Unknown Second wife of Bartholomew Bloor

Step-mother of Harold Bloor

Adoptive mother of Naren Bloor

Naren Bloor 1992- Yes Adoptive daughter of Bartholomew and Meng Bloor
Septimus Bloor ?-1865 Unknown Husband of Cecelia Dewhurst

Father of Maybelle, Beatrice and Bertram Babington Bloor