The Enchanter's Palace is the place where Count Harken Badlock, his wife Lilith, and his grandchildren Edgar and Matilda live. They also have servants, creatures who have been living in Badlock before the enchanter arrived. The serevnts take care of their clothing, their food, and they all share a characteristic- once they befriended a master, they were loyal until death. The palace is very big, and is well cared for. Almost every room is green. There are a lot of rooms, as to when Billy Raven came, he had a room of his own, discovering there were many others, including a room where the count kept his paintings. Dining at the palace is a very important event. The vast black marble hall in which they dine has walls that hung with gleaming weapons, a twenty feet long glass table which the count and his wife sit at opposite ends, and the diners only had to say the name of the food they wanted, and the food would appear.

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