"Look into the mirror, and the person you wish to see will appear. If you want to find that person, look again, and the mirror will take you to them, wherever they are."

-Bartholomew Bloor

The Mirror of Amoret is an old artifact made by the Red King, a gift for his youngest daughter Amoret to allow her to travel instantly from one place to another. Only a magician or a descendant of the Red King can travel through the mirror. To travel, you need to see the person you wish to see, and the mirror will take you there. The mirror is described very beautiful, with a slim handle and an oval frame decorated with gold intricate patterns of birds, leaves and flowers. Count Harken Badlock stole it and buried it in the castle ruins, hoping that one of his descendants would find it one day. In the fifth book, Titania Tilpin did, using the map her great uncle gave her (drawn by the count) before he died. 

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