The Pet's Cafe is owned by Onoria Onimous and is a café for people and pets. The sign on the café is written in a decorative way by animal ears and tails. To get in, you need one pet companion. The manager and bouncer, Norton Cross stands at the doorway.

The Pet's Café appears in the second book, where Mrs. Silk delivers food. Charlie Bone and his friends find it a great place to discuss their plans, and have meetings. Orvil Onimous helps his wife Onoria in the kitchen, serving food to customers. The Pet's Café leads to the tunnel through the Red King’s personal room with tiles coloured red, orange and yellow shaped like a burning sun. The tunnel leads to the ruins of the castle, in other words, through a window around ten pillars, hidden behind a thick wall of ivy.

The Pet’s Café serves uni-food, for both animals and people, such as “Nut-Pom sticks” and “Ginger Rings” and “Green Heavenly’s” as well as regular food like marshmallows, bread, and sausages.

In the third book, Charlie takes Runner Bean and Rembrandt to the café, hoping the Onimouses will look after them, which they do. In the fifth book, the animals, lead by Rembrandt take the tunnel to escape to the wilderness. At the end of the book, the Gunn Family entertain everyone in the café while the endowed wake up King in the tunnel. In the eighth book, Dorcas Loom’s father, Councilor Loom shuts down the café, so Amos Byrne, an arsonist from Piminy Street can move in and search the tunnel for the Bloors. The Pet's cafe reopens after the final battle.