"You're a witch! The worst kind!"

-Charles Bone

Titania Tilpin (b.1962) is a professor at Bloor's Academy. She had a pseudonym, Miss Chrystal. She was the favorite professor of all the students, and was said to always keep a secret. She was formerly a beautiful woman, with long blond hair and a beautiful smile. She is now described as having lank, colorless hair, sagging yellow skin, dark ringed eyes, and thin purple lips. At Charlie's second year, she was revealed as a witch. Everyone knew her real identity and people realised that Joshua is her son. At the Hundred Heads' Dinner Charlie discovered that she fell in love with Lyell Bone, but he broke her heart when he married Amy. She wanted revenge, and because of that she set Count Harken free. She failed because her son, Joshua accidentally broke the mirror while he had a fight with Charlie. Now, she is preparing revenge using the evil endowed children from Bloors Academy--Dagbert, Joshua, Idith, Inez and Dorcas. She wants to repair the Mirror and bring The Shadow back.

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