Tolemeo (described as 'clever') is the Red King's eighth child. Tolemeo's endowment was the ability to fly. He was one of the five children who fled the castle with his other good siblings. He is the ancestor of the Tollys, as their names are both derived from the Knight of Toledo, Esteban Diaz (his grandfather, whose daughter married the Red King). He is also the ancestor of Mrs. Kettle and Senor Alvaro. Tolemeo was described, when seen by Otus Yewbeam, as a young man with almost white skin and a cloak that shimmered black, blue, purple and green, which are later revealed to be feathers. This is maybe why the colours of the cloaks for Bloor's Academy are black for the staff, blue for music students, green for art students, and purple for drama students.

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