Charles Bone: "Hey, is that Tancred's-"

Fidelio Gunn: "Girlfriend. Tracy Morsell, known by third-graders as Tasty Morsel."

Tracy Morsell, also known by the third years as "Tasty Morsel" is Tancred Torsson's girlfriend in the sixth book. She is described "extremely pretty", on which Tancred takes his obsession on, with has glossy blonde hair up to her waist that ripples over her purple cape and her complextion is described "flawless". She has pink lips and grey eyes with long curling lashes. Tancred spends a lot of time with her, cutting off most of the time with his friends. Emma Tolly, who likes Tancred, is depressed at their relationship. When Tancred sees Claerwen, Charlie's wand/moth, and tells Tracy that Charlie may be in trouble, she tells him, "Follow that stupid moth, and you're dumped, Tancred Torsson." Tancred gives up on her then.