Treasure (b.1948) is one of Charlie's friends and the "lodestone," who keeps the balance of endowed children at Bloor's. Her real name is Treasure and she has a sister named Pearl. Cook has many secret rooms under Bloor's Academy, and has the power of good luck and grace (tranquility). She takes care of Blessed, Ezekiel's dog, and acts as a messenger between Charlie and the outside world. As a young woman, she lived on an island with her family, but when she was age 16, she refused to marry a "drowner" named Lord Grimwald, he destroyed her family, her fiancé and her home. After the death of her family and fiancé, she and her sister, Pearl, decided to work in secret shadowy places. Cook found a job at Bloors Academy which was in need of a cook. So Treasure found a job at the academy to help endowed children and keep the balance. Treasure helps the endowed of the academy because of her past. Her endowment is the ability to bring luck, as she did to her father, a fisherman. Cook was given a cold room in the east wing when she came to the academy, but she soon moved into a labyrinth of warm, comforting rooms at the bottom of the mansion. The enterance is hidden at the back of a closet with a secret handle disguised as a brush. Arthur Saltweather becomes her friend in the sixth book and she welcomes him into her secret rooms.

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