"Wild horses couldn't drag me there."

-Orvil Onimous

Yewbeam Castle (also used as the Yewbeam family) is a castle belonging the the Yewbeam family, starting from Otus Yewbeam's family when he married Amoret. The name Yewbeam came from the yew tree that grew at Otus Yewbeam's house, and he built a house of yew with supporting as beams. There is a Yewbeam law that any girl of Yewbeam blood could marry whomever she chose, but to any man of Yewbeam blood had to marry a descendant of the Red King. Lyell Bone was the very first to break this, causing his mum Grizelda Bone and her sisters to hate him, and later as a result of hypnotising Lyell for breaking the rules a second time. The castle is made of stones that seem to "attract the darkness from outside" and has thirteen steps leading up to the castle, where elecricity hadn't been put in yet. The garden, wasn't a garden at all, just a feild of tall yellow dead grass. In 1900, a baby was born in the castle, Yolanda Yewbeam, a hypnotist and a shape-shifter who inherited the castle on her twenty-first birthday in 1921. Solange Sourzac tripped on the thirteen steps when Yolanda pushed her and broke her neck.


“The sky turns a dull yellow and no birds sing. The wind shrieks over the stones. There are no trees, no leaves, no flowers, only the dead grass.”

-Paton Yewbeam

The castle seems to attract the darkness from outside and inside, with thirteen steps leading up to the door that is never locked. A bridge leads to the garden, if you would call it a garden, where there is nothing but dead grass.

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