Yolanda Yewbeam




Bloor and Yewbeam family

Hair colour

black (originally), aged grey and described as "bone white" in book three

Eye colour


Endowment (if a child of the Red King)

shape-shifting, hypnotism


Yewbeam family (evil)

Ancestor (if a child of the Red King)


Department (current or past)




"Yorath, your daughter was a monster."

-Paton Yewbeam

Yolanda Yewbeam (b.1900) is the daughter of Yorath Yewbeam and Vera Kuragina. She is also the sister of Manley Yewbeam. As a descendant of the Red King, she is a hypnotist and shape-shifter like her father. She is the aunt of Daphne, James, and Henry Yewbeam, and the great-aunt of Paton, Venetia, Lucretia, Grizelda, and Eustacia Yewbeam. She inherited her father's castle and never married. In the third book, Yolanda came to Bloor's Academy disguised as a twelve year old girl named Belle Donner to stop Mr. Boldova from rescuing his brother, Ollie Sparks, who had been imprisoned in the attics of the academy for a year while invisible. She also used this opportunity to keep a close watch on her great-great-great nephew, Charlie Bone. Charlie had suspicions that Belle was not "what she was" because of the fact that her eyes changed color depending on her mood. She later hypnotized Mr. Boldova and imprisoned him in Venetia's attic. Charlie later discovered that Belle was Yolanda and, with the help of his uncle and friends, rescued Ollie and the Red King's Blue Boa, restoring his visibility. Yolanda, angry that this happened, tried to murder Julia Ingledew by suffocating her with a cursed belt. They rescued her and Paton, furious at Yolanda, used his endowment of power boosting to electrocute and kill her at Venetia's home; this caused the third Number Thirteen to burn down. In the fourth book, Yorath confronted Paton on the way back from the Castle of Mirrors. He was stopped from killing Paton by Christopher Crowquill, the legal guardian of Billy Raven.